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Why Superheros Are Bad For Business

The most successful owners are the ones not trying to do it all themselves. They have learned to only do the most vital.

If you are like most business owners and entrepreneurs, you have been taught and believe you have to be a multi-talented, resourceful, super-bright and hard-working all-star to have an extra-ordinary business. Actually, the attempt to be and to do all might be the very worse thing you can do. As a free member of Your Business Toolkit you will how to discard that old, out-dated paradigm and focus on just three vital things.

One of those three vital things is to develop a specific kind of culture...

The Three Cultural Elements Shared By Extra-ordinary Organizations

There are only three things which separate very best from all the rest. And, it doesn't matter what niche they are in!

  • Employing a Management System

    Using a simple, consistent and proven management process throughout the entire organization.

  • Operating With High Powered Teams

    Employing a solid team-centric approach vs. total reliance of the efforts of highly skilled individuals

  • Having The Right Mindset

    Thinking like a monopolist and having the belief total  in the possibility of market domination.

If You Are Still In Business, You Have Defeated The Odds

About half of new businesses are out of business in 1 year. After 5 years, only 20% are left. And, after 10 years, a tiny 4% are left standing.

After You Have Survived The Overwhelming Odds, What Next?

Turns out, at least 80% of the results in any business niche are produced by around 20% of the companies. All the rest fight over 20% of the riches.

  • The Top 20%

    These organizations have not only survived, they are thriving.

  • The Ordinary Businesses

    These organizations are doing fine, but…

  • The Bottom 20%

    These, although they made it this far, they are dying.

So, How Do You Get Into The Top 20% and Beyond?

The key is to determine exactly what they are doing and do the same thing.


Use Our Management System

You will learn how to use our proprietary process to continuously and objectively execute, clarify, focus and align the performance of your organization to produce optimal results fast..

Build High Performance Teams

You will learn exactly how to convert your company from a boss-centric, individually functioning model to a fine-tuned, well-oiled, smooth-running team-oriented machine.

Create The Right Mindset

You will learn having the right attitude has been proven much more likely to produce profound results than is having the right resources.

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